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With advanced chipsets and graphics cards built into newer models like the MacBook Air 15-inch 2023, MacBook Air 13-inch 2023 and MacBook Pro M2 Pro are already in the market.
There’s no better way to get rid of your old system than to sell it for a substantial sum.


The release of the new 15-inch MacBook Air has been highly anticipated by many consumers even though some may find it too large to be considered portable. One cannot help but be impressed by Apple’s ability to maintain the size and weight increase to the minimum for its latest innnovation.
The 15-inch Air, will be a success, provided that its performance and battery life are on par or above compare with the 13-inch Air.
At the WWDC 2023, Apple unveiled a new MacBook Air with a 15-inch screen, marking the first time the company has offered a larger display in its thin and light laptop series. This release comes after the launch of the 13-inch MacBook Air (M2, 2022) at last year’s WWDC. The 13-inch version boasted a new design, a new M2 chip, and a higher price point than its predecessor.

Macbook Air M2 15-inch 2023 Design

The new MacBook Air (15-inch, 2023) is the perfect solution for those who love the MacBook Air’s lightweight and portable design. Despite its larger size, Apple has done an excellent job of maintaining its slim profile. With a weight of just 3.3lbs/1.5kg, it’s only a slight increase from the 13-inch MacBook Air’s weight of 2.7lbs/1.25kg. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of a larger screen without having to sacrifice portability.
During the presentation, i was honoured to test out the device, and I must say that i`m impressed with how light weight and well design it was. In my opinion, the MacBook Air 15-inch 2023 is a serious contender for one of the most impressive laptop on the market today.

Macbook Air M2 15-inch 2023 Display

The design of Apple’s latest 15-inch MacBook Air closely resembles that of the 13-inch MacBook Air. The laptop is very thin, measuring only 11.5mm, and is made of recycled aluminum. The dual USB-C ports and MagSafe charger ports are located in the same positions as on the MacBook Air 13-inch. In fact, even the keyboard is also the same size.
As soon as I opened the new laptop, I was pleasantly surprised by the large and clear Liquid Retina display, as well as the spacious keyboard and slightly bigger trackpad.
The screen of the device measures 2880×1864 and has a brightness of 500 nits. It provides ample workspace and gives the feeling of having more productivity. Although the performance may not be stronger than that of the M2-class 13-inch MacBook Air, the large screen ensures that more work can be accomplished.

Macbook Air M2 15-inch 2023 Speaker

Besides having a larger display that has a 1080p FaceTime camera notch, another major difference between this laptop and the smaller MacBook Air is the addition of two extra speakers. The extra speakers are able to may provide more bass, but I didn’t have enough time to test it thoroughly.

Comparison Between 13-inch and 15-inch Macbook Air

This Macbook Air 15-inch is not exactly the lightest laptop in the world. However, when compared to my current everyday Acer Aspire laptop, the 15-inch MacBook Air M2, it doesn’t actually feel that heavy despite weighing 1.5kg.
For the 13-inch Air user, it is nice to have a larger display althought not a must-have. Ultimately, it depends on the individual’s preferences.
If you prefer a laptop with a slim design, along with a large screen, impressive performance, and long-lasting battery, Apple’s latest 15-inch MacBook Air fits the bill perfectly.

Although we have yet to test out the performance, we are quite confident that the M2 chip will perform equally well as its smaller counterpart in terms of battery life and overall performance. Additionally, the price range is comparable to that of the smaller laptop. Given the popularity of 15-inch laptops among students, this laptop has the potential to become a top contender on our list of the best laptops for students and working executives.

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Estimated Year of Manufacture

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Intel Core i5
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Intel Core i5
11th Generation)

2020 - 2021

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Intel Core i5
10th Generation)


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MacBook Air M1 256GB A2337

2020 - Current


MacBook Air 13" M2 256GB A2681

Mid 2022


MacBook Air 15” M3 256GB

Mid 2023


MacBook Air 15” M3 512GB

Mid 2023


MacBook Pro 14” 512GB A2442



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