10 Ways to Know Whether You Need Laptop Repair
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4 thoughts on “10 Warning Signs Show When To Repair Your Laptop

Hey!! Thanks for sharing this article. You have clearly explained all the points before repairing a laptop. Please mention some points about macbook pro repair also.

Great article! I wasn’t sure if I needed to have mine repaired, but now I am. From time to time, my keyboard is not responsive. I think it was because I accidentally spilled water on it before. Do you have an estimate on how much the repair would cost?

Hi, 1st need to to assess the damage and repairability(diagnosis $80) If the final repair cost is within your budget and you decide to go ahead with the repair, the $80 service fee is waived.

Hi, water damage cleaning fee $80. After cleanibng then can procceed with motherboard diagnosis.

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