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iMac Trade-In Price Singapore

The iMac is more valuable than Windows because of its build quality, productivity OS and branding. If you want to sell your old machine in time for the new release, there is no better time and place to cash-in your old device before its value drops further.

Back-Up and Delete Your Old Data

Before you sell your desktop, always remember to back up your data to another hard drive or to the cloud. If you’re moving to a Windows PC, you can migrate everything in case you need to retrieve something in the future. After you’ve backed up the necessary files, remove everything by resetting your Mac to factory defaults. This process should take no more than an hour to wipe your iMac’s hard drive. After that, you need to perform a reinstallation to the latest macOS to ensure that the next owner can immediately use the desktop without having to go through the lengthy installation procedure.

iMac Trade In Program

It’s no secret that technology is constantly changing. However, for most of us, our budget doesn’t change that quickly. This may lead you to trade in and buy a used computer if your iMac is outdated and old. Notebookrepair is a reputable buyer who will match your iMac with the amount it is worth. If you find a better deal elsewhere, let us know and we will beat the price.
We keep the process simple and convenient so you can sell your iMac hassle free.

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To get a free quote:

  1. Choose your iMac type, screen size, and year of release.
  2. After which, select your memory size and processor speed.
  3. Select the state from the multiple box accordingly.
  4. Provide your own details so we can contact you.
  5. Upload a few pictures of your iMac and mark any defects or flaws.

If you have any additional details you would like to provide, you can let us know using the comments box. Click “Submit” and wait for our feedback via email. Since we do the review manually, expect a slightly longer wait time. All MacBook specifications can be found in ‘About This Mac’ on your MacBook.

Windows Laptop / Macbooks

Estimated Year of Manufacture

Full working set

Faulty Set
(Incl. cracked screen)

Samsung / Apple
(Tablet & iPad)

From Newer 2016 version onwards

$30 - $400

$0 - $50

Intel Core i3-i5-i7
(1st-3rd Generation)

2010 - 2012

$10 - $30

$0 - $10

Intel Core i3
(4th - Current Generation)

2013 - Current

$30 - $300

$0 - $50

Intel Core i5
(4th - Current Generation)

2013 - Current

$40 - $700

$10 - $150

Trade In iMac
Accessories must be original and charger must not be frayed to be acceptable.
Please enter your email in order for us to send you a quote.
Maximum upload size: 41.94MB

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