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Easily sell your Apple MacBook Laptop to Trade-In My Tech for cash! You can trade in your used Apple MacBook Laptop in any condition, even broken! We provide free shipping and fast cash payments! Simply select the attributes below, then click Trade-In Now! Need help identifying your MacBook Model, click here to identify! If this is not the device you are looking for, click here to select a different device.

Please answer the following questions about your MacBook specifications and we will email you a quote and prepaid label within 24-hours. All MacBook specifications can be found in ‘About This Mac’ on your MacBook.

Windows Laptop / Macbooks

Estimated Year of Manufacture

Full working set

Faulty Set
(Incl. cracked screen)

Samsung / Apple
(Tablet & iPad)

From Newer 2016 version onwards

$30 - $400

$0 - $50

Intel Core i3-i5-i7
(1st-3rd Generation)

2010 - 2012

$10 - $30

$0 - $10

Intel Core i3
(4th - Current Generation)

2013 - Current

$30 - $300

$0 - $50

Intel Core i5
(4th - Current Generation)

2013 - Current

$40 - $700

$10 - $150

Trade In iPad
Accessories must be original and charger must not be frayed to be acceptable.
Please enter your email in order for us to send you a quote.
Maximum upload size: 41.94MB

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