Sell Windows Laptop

Sell Windows Laptop For Cash

With advanced chipsets and graphics cards built into newer models like the Asus ZenBook 13 UX325ea, Dell XPS 15 (2020) and Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, Windows laptops are coming to market faster and faster.
There’s no better way to get rid of your old system than to sell it for a substantial sum.


What to Do Before You Sell

To get the best price, make sure you have the original box and accessories, such as 3-pin plugs, charging cables, and installation discs.
Please make a note of all defective parts to get an accurate estimate.
It would be best to make sure the unit is working to avoid any issues for the buyers. Remember to back up your data to an external hard drive before migrating to your new PC. After backing up the device, reset it to factory settings to prevent your personal data from falling into the wrong hands.
You no longer need to install the OS from disc, as most manufacturers provide a download link so you can load from an external drive instead. Follow the proper steps to reinstall. A fully functional laptop will save you more money.
If there are things that are not working, consider fixing them. A missing button, for example, can be easily replaced at a local repair shop. Fixing major parts, like a broken screen, will cost more, so it would be more sensible to sell your laptop sooner than later.
Take 5 minutes to clean up your old laptop before you sell it. Remove any stickers and clean up any debris. A little dusting goes a long way.

List your Windows Laptop For Sale

After you restore factory settings, submit a request form for a free quote. No listing or description is required, as all you need to do is select your laptop model, screen size, year brand, configuration and terms from the dropdown list. Once you have filled everything in, hit the “submit” button and you’ll receive an estimated quote via email or Whatsapp within 24 hours. No matter what the condition of your device is, we will still accept it.
Remember to include a few pictures of your laptop to speed up the review process so you can get a faster quote.

Windows Laptop / Macbooks

Estimated Year of Manufacture

Full working set

Faulty Set
(Incl. cracked screen)

Samsung / Apple
(Tablet & iPad)

From Newer 2016 version onwards

$30 - $400

$0 - $50

Intel Core i3-i5-i7
(1st-3rd Generation)

2010 - 2012

$10 - $30

$0 - $10

Intel Core i3
(4th - Current Generation)

2013 - Current

$30 - $300

$0 - $50

Intel Core i5
(4th - Current Generation)

2013 - Current

$40 - $700

$10 - $150

Trade In Windows Laptop
Accessories must be original and charger must not be frayed to be acceptable.
Please enter your email in order for us to send you a quote.
Maximum upload size: 41.94MB

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